10:05 am11:05 am (CDT) May 5, 2020

Concurrent Moderated Poster Session 2

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Single-cell Analysis of Human Atherosclerosis Identifies Clusters of Macrophages Found in Plaque Progression in Mice

Dawn Fernandez, Icahn Sch of Med at Mount Sinai, New York, NY; Ada Weinstock, NYU Sch of Med, New York, NY; Nicolas Fernandez, Icahn Sch of Med at Mount S, New York, NY; Edward A Fisher, NYU Langone Medical Ctr, New York, NY; Chiara Giannarelli, Mount Sinai Sch of Med, New York, NY


Pluripotency Factor OCT4 Regulates Atheroprotective Responses in Endothelial Cells  

Svyatoslav Tkachenko, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH; Malay Chaklader, Cleveland Clinic Fndn, Cleveland, OH; Olga A Cherepanova, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH


SVEP1, a Novel Human Coronary Artery Disease Locus, Induces Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation and Phenotypic Modulation Through Notch and Integrin Signaling  

Jared Elenbaas, Washington Univ in St. Louis, Saint Louis, MO; In-Hyuk Jung, Washington Univ Sch of Med, Saint Louis, MO; Katherine Santana, Arturo Alisio, Washington Univ in St. Louis, Saint Louis, MO; Nathan Stitziel, Washington Univ, Saint Louis, MO  


Loss of Lmo7 in Smooth Muscle Cell Promotes Atherosclerotic Plaque Stability  

Yi Xie, Kathleen A Martin, Yale Sch of Med, New Haven, CT