10:05 am11:05 am (CDT) May 5, 2020

Concurrent Moderated Poster Session 1: Junior Investigator for Women Award Finalists

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Inhibition of MicroRNA-33 Reprograms the Transcriptional Landscape and Kinetic Processes of Immune Cells to Promote Atherosclerotic Plaque Regression

Milessa Silva Afonso, Monika Sharma, Paul Martin Schlegel, Alireza Khodadadi-Jamayran, Coen van Solingen, Lianne Shanley, Graeme J Koelwyn, Lauren Beckett, Daniel Peled, Karishma Rahman, New York Univ, New York, NY; Mireille Ouimet, Univ of Ottawa Heart Inst, Ottawa, ON, Canada; Edward A Fisher, Kathryn J Moore, New York Univ, New York, NY  


Vascular Aging Alters Mitophagy to Lead to Galectin 3 Secretion  

Muriel Blin, Daniel Tyrrell, Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; Daniel R Goldstein, Univ of Michigan Med, Ann Arbor, MI  


Loss of Notch Signaling in Pericytes Induces Arteriovenous Malformations  

Taliha Nadeem, Henar Cuervo, Univ of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL  


A Naive CD8 T Cell Expressing CD95 Intensifies Cardiovascular Disease and Atherosclerosis  

Lindsey Padgett, Huy Dinh, La Jolla Inst, La Jolla, CA; Holger Winkels, LJI, La Jolla, CA; Coleen A McNamara, Univ of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA; Catherine C Hedrick, La Jolla Inst for Allergy and, La Jolla, CA  


Wnt Signaling Enhances Macrophage Response to IL4/13 and Promotes Resolution of Atherosclerosis  

Ada Weinstock, NYU Sch of Med, New York, NY; Karishma Rahman, Or Yaacov, NYU Sch of Med, New York, NY; Michela Garabedian, New York Univ Medical Ctr, New York, NY; Cyrus Nikain, Stephanie Pena, NYU Sch of Med, New York, NY; Sean Heffron, Brian Sansbury, Brigham and Women's Hosp, Boston, MA; Matthew R Spite, Harvard Medical Sch, Boston, MA; P'ng Loke, NYU Sch of Med, New York, NY; Edward A Fisher, NYU Langone Medical Ctr, New York, NY