3:05 pm4:20 pm (CDT) May 5, 2020

Concurrent Session II A: Lipoproteins and Lipid Metabolism: LDL and Beyond

3:05 pm

Endothelial Cell Lipoprotein Transport and Atherosclerosis

Chieko Mineo, PhD

Oral Abstract Presentations

3:25 pm

Direct Evidence for the Intracellular Non-covalent Interaction of Apolipoprotein(a) and ApolipoproteinB100 During Lipoprotein(a) Biosynthesis  (115)

Amer Youssef, Robarts Res Inst, London, ON, Canada; Michael Boffa, The Univ of Western Ontario, London, ON, Canada; Santica M. Marcovina, Univ of Washington, Seattle, WA; Marlys L. Koschinsky, Robarts Res Inst, London, ON, Canada  

3:35 pm

Utilizing Nanodiscs to Model Membrane Interactions With SR-BI (116)

Hayley R. Powers, Medical Coll of Wisconsin, Wauwatosa, WI; Sarah Proudfoot, Jimmy Feix, Daisy Sahoo, Medical Coll of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI  

3:45 pm

Characterizing the Effects Of Fish Oil On High-density Lipoprotein Proteome And Cholesterol Efflux Capacity (117)

Paul A Mueller, Sara Rosario, Elisabeth Yerkes, Melissa Heard, Oregon Health and Science Univ, Portland, OR; Nathalie Pamir, OHSU, Portland, OR  

3:55 pm

Mir-1908 Is a Cholesterol Responsive MicroRNA Implicated in LDLR Cleavage (118)

Kaitlyn Beehler, Majid Nikpay, Paulina Lau, Sebastien Soubeyrand, Ruth McPherson, Univ of Ottawa Heart Inst, Ottawa, ON, Canada  

4:05 pm

Non-Targeting Locked-Nucleic-Acids Antagonize Inflammatory Activation of Foam Cells and Impede Atherosclerosis (119) Q&A/Wrap-up

Ryan M. Allen, Vanderbilt Univ, Nashville, TN; Danielle L. Michell, Ashley Cavnar, Vanderbilt Univ Medical Ctr, Nashville, TN; Marisol Ramirez, VUMC, Nashville, TN; Shilin Zhao, Vanderbilt Univ Medical Ctr, Nashville, TN; MacRae F. Linton, Vanderbilt Univ Sch of Med, Nashville, TN; Kasey C. Vickers, Vanderbilt Univ Medical Ctr, Nashville, TN  

4:15 pm