11:05 am12:20 pm (CDT) May 5, 2020

Concurrent Session I A: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis

11:05 am

Dissecting the Cellular and Molecular Immune Interactions In Human Atherosclerosis

Chiara Giannarelli, MD, PhD, New York, New York

Oral Abstract Presentations

11:25 am (100)

HIV Protein Tat Induces Macrophage Dysfunction and Atherosclerosis Development in LDLR-Deficient Mice

Zhaojie Meng, Univ of California, Riverside, CA; Weiwei Lu, Taesik Gwag, Univ of Kentucky, Lexington, KY; Changcheng Zhou, Univ of California, Riverside, CA

11:35 am (101)

Resolvin D1 Promotes Fatty Acid Oxidation in Macrophages to Facilitate Swift Necroptotic Cell Clearance

Zeinab Hosseini, Michael Marinello, Gabrielle Fredman, Albany Medical Coll, Albany, NY

11:45 am (102)

Quantitative Trait Loci Mapped For Tcf21 Binding, Chromatin Accessibility and Chromosomal Looping In Coronary Artery Smooth Muscle Cells Reveal Molecular Mechanisms Of Coronary Disease Loci

Quanyi Zhao, Michael Dacre, Trieu Nguyen, Milos Pjanic, Boxiang Liu, Dharini Iyer, Stanford Univ, Stanford, CA; Paul Cheng, Stanford Univ, Stanford, CA; Robert Wirka, Stanford Univ, Stanford, CA; Juyong B Kim, Standford Univ, Stanford, CA; Hunter B Fraser, Thomas Quertermous, Stanford Univ, Stanford, CA

11:55 am (103)

Discovering and Characterizing Conserved Regulatory Elements That Orchestrate Vascular Inflammatory Responses and are Linked to Human Disease

Azad Alizada, Univ of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada; Nadiya Khyzha, Liangxi Wang, Univ Health Network, Toronto, ON, Canada; Lina Antounians, Minggao Liang, SickKids Res Inst, Toronto, ON, Canada; Melvin Khor, Univ Health Network, Toronto, ON, Canada; Michael D Wilson, SickKids Res Inst, Toronto, ON, Canada; Jason E Fish, Univ Health Network, Toronto, ON, Canada

12:05 pm (104)

Vascular Aging Alters Mitophagy to Lead to Galectin 3 Secretion

Muriel Blin, Daniel Tyrrell, Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; Daniel R Goldstein, Univ of Michigan Med, Ann Arbor, MI

12:15 pm