Easy Way to Satisfy Telehealth Communication Needs During the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has pushed the limits of patients and providers to communicate with one another. IM Your Doc solves that.

Telehealth is an important strategy today. COVID-19 has pushed the limits of patients and providers and their staffs to communicate with one another. Telehealth, remote messaging and monitoring have existed for several years, but because billing was limited and difficult for people to get reimbursed for visits, it was not broadly adopted. Now, we find ourselves needing it right away. IM Your Doc is your urgent solution for an urgent problem.

Patients have been asked to stay home unless they are having a lot of trouble breathing. So how do you take care of patients both for their regular medical ailments as you normally would as well as for COVID-19 symptom management? And also how do you do it remotely? Plus, how do you keep the doors of your practices open as well as to communicate with one another and bill for the services that you will be rendering during this time of crisis? IM Your Doc is set up to fulfill those needs and requirements that practices have. 

This 30-minute tutorial will show you the capabilities of IM Your Doc.